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When it comes to something inconsequential like what to have for lunch, you have an abundance of choice. So why do you have so little when it comes to something as important as the care you receive?

With Your Choices, we offer you a veritable buffet of options. Pick the ones you want - and leave the ones you don't. 

Because when it comes to health, your choices matter. 

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A young woman in scrubs plays with a small boy with cerebral palsy

Nursing Services

Specialist nursing support for people with cerebral palsy

Nursing support from Victoria's cerebral palsy experts 

Get quality, caring and specialised nursing support you can trust with CPSN.

With CPSN's nurse Amy at the helm, our new comprehensive nursing service aims to provide a wide range of tailored, personalised nursing services to people with cerebral palsy.

A young black woman in scrubs is crouched next to a smiling young boy with cerebral palsy

What are nursing services?

CPSN's nursing service consists of a wide range of supports designed to improve your health outcomes, including (but not limited to):

  • NDIS assessments and reports

  • Care plans

  • Health Assessments 

  • Health Care planning

  • Wound Care 

  • Injections

  • Medication management


Am I eligible?

Concerned that your NDIS plan doesn't mention nursing specifically?


Nursing services can be funded by both Core and Capacity Building budgets in your NDIS plan, which means it's very possible you're able to fund nursing services and don't even know it!

Give us a call today to learn more.

A black man in scrubs is showing a pill bottle to a woman.
A young boy with cerebral palsy is smiling and waving while sitting on a bed next to a young man in scrubs

Why use CPSN nursing?

As the Victorian experts in cerebral palsy for nearly 30 years, you can be assured that our nursing services are tailored specifically for the unique needs of people with CP.

As a small organisation, we offer personalised support with a team you can trust, and who will take the time to get to know you and your family.

A man is helping a young girl with cerebral palsy wash her hands.

What is Your Choices?

Your Choices is a new approach to disability support that allows you to build a tailored support program that fits your lifestyle and goals.

Get the answers you need

Finding the answers you need isn't always easy. Cut straight to the chase and book a free 15-minute consultation with CPSN's Community Nurse, Amy. Amy has nearly 20 years of nursing experience, and is the mum of two boys with CP - meaning she understands nursing, CP and the NDIS better than anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of nursing services can CPSN provide?

At present, we're able to provide NDIS reports, Health Assessments, Health Care Planning, Wound Care, Injections and Medication management. As an organisation led by the needs of our clients, we aim to add more services as needs arise.

How much do nursing services cost?

Nursing services can be paid for with both Core and Capacity building budgets in your NDIS plan, or funded privately. Pricing will vary depending on the services you require. To get a clearer picture of this, give us a call on 03 9478 1001 or book a free consult with Amy to discuss.

Where do you offer nursing services?

We currently are only able to provide nursing services in the Metropolitan Melbourne area.

How do I know if nursing services are right for me?

Your needs are unique, and there's no one answer to that question. Your best bet is to book in a short consultation with Amy, who will be able to assess your specific situation and help you figure out if you're a good fit for our nursing services.

Who is Amy?

A headshot of a smiling woman with blonde hair and a pink top

Amy brings eighteen years of knowledge from the nursing field, as well as lived experience with cerebral palsy (CP) - her twin sons were both diagnosed with CP at 18 months of age.


Amy’s lived experience has enabled her to gain a sound understanding of the disability sector, paediatric health settings both acute and community and the NDIS.  Amy understands the experiences of individuals and families from diagnosis to beyond, and the challenges of navigating disability support services and the NDIS. 

Amy also has a professional background in mental health, and she considers this to be a great passion of hers. “If a parent or carer is mentally healthy, that goes a long way to being able to care for their children or engage in ongoing therapies.” 

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Make the move to CPSN.

Sick of explaining what cerebral palsy is to providers who just don't get it? Come chat with an organisation that's been providing support to people with CP for nearly 30 years.

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