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Who are we?


We are the Cerebral Palsy Support Network - a non-profit disability services provider operating across Victoria.

We came to be back in 1995, when a group of parents of children with cerebral palsy formed a group to help build a community of support, connection and friendship.

Since then, we've grown in leaps and bounds. 

We now provide free services to over 2000 members, and NDIS-funded services - such as support work, support coordination, SIL and nursing - to a select group of families within Victoria.

Over 40% of our team has lived experience of cerebral palsy, which means we understand your experience in a way other providers can't.

As a registered non-profit, our profits go directly back into providing services to the cerebral palsy community - not into investors pockets - which means better services for you and your family.

What is Your Choices?

Your Choices was developed by CPSN after listening to feedback from both our clients, and people for whom our services weren't the right fit

By listening to what people really wanted, we found out what was missing from existing disability services providers.


With most providers, it's a bit like buying a pair of jeans at a department store. You try a few on, and eventually settle on the pair that fits the best, even if you have to cuff the bottoms because they're too long, or wear a belt because the waistband gapes.

With Your Choices, it's like going to a tailor.

Instead of trying to squeeze into a solution that's not quite right, we tailor-make something that fits you perfectly.

Bring your own support workers, or let us recruit for you. Manage rostering yourself, or hand the reins to us. Connect with our online support groups, or pick a Social Connections program to join. Chat with a Telehealth Nurse over the phone, or utilise our in-home nursing home services.

Pick and choose the services that you like, and leave the ones you don't.

It's just that simple.

What is Your Choices? It's exactly whatever you want it to be.

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