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04 - CPSN Client - Christian and mom.jpg
04 - CPSN Client - Christian and mom.jpg

Tailored support to help you live your best life

Get the most from your NDIS plan from our team of cerebral palsy specialists with lived experience


Client Christian, with his mum

"Giving people care, alleviating their stress and being a part of a larger network that helps the disabled community work through issues…that goes a long way to making sure that the world becomes more inclusive."

– Cheryl, mum to CPSN client Christian

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Client Christian, with his mum, Cheryl

We get it, because we live it

With a commitment to employing people with CP and 30 years in the sector, we get the system and we get you. We know the nuances and challenges better than anyone else, and that insight guides the support we offer.

Get the NDIS services you need - such as core supports, nursing and supported independent living - and package it up with complementary services that are designed to improve your life skills, community connection and confidence.



What do you need?

First up, let’s figure out what you and your family need. We’re specialists when it comes to maximising your NDIS funding and understand how overwhelming it can feel. Whether you’re preparing your application for funding or want an existing review of your plan, we can help tailor it to get the supports you need and feel the love of our team. Some call us ‘plan hackers’.

21 - CPSN Staff - Josh and Elizabeth.jpg
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“When someone calls into CPSN, I'll answer and just have a general chat with them. I have mild cerebral palsy so it's not just an admin staff just reading off a script. I'm actually in that same boat.”

- Josh, Customer Experience Officer

Customer Service Officer Josh, with Lizzie, Customer Service Coordinator

Your support, your way

You are in control to choose what services you need to fit you and your family perfectly with our dedicated team to walk you through every step of the way.

Support workers

Our dedicated team will help you find and build a support team you can count on and love. We find, train and hire quality support workers wherever you need them in Metro Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

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“We’re not like a typical disability agency that puts anyone with anyone. Support workers are purposely matched with our clients so that it's a very personal relationship.”

- Debbie, People & Culture

Debbie, CPSN People & Culture with Sharon

"One of my best success stories was the way I provided support for a teenage client with CP in a way I could only have wished for myself. Being a teenager is a challenging time as you discover who you are and where you fit in then having a disability can often mark you out which makes it more challenging."

– Lizzie

CPSN Customer Service Coordinator

16 - CPSN Staff - Elizabeth.jpg
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Full support services

Our team will work with you to explore our additional NDIS services and eligibility to access them within your plan. 

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“We have a paid nursing service where we provide wound care, medication management, health assessments, NDIS advice and assessments. Not many realise nursing services can be covered under your NDIS plans!”

- Amy, Clinical Coordinator (RN)

Client Ingrid, with her mum and Support Worker, Julie

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How it works

“I’m happy CPSN found Julie (my support worker) because we have an excellent dynamic - our humor meshes really well. It’s very different to previous support workers I’ve had, I feel like she’s really working with me to reach my goals like getting my learner’s permit, applying for jobs and developing my social skills.”

- Ingrid

CPSN Client

38 - CPSN Client - Ingrid and mom.jpg
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“I’m happy CPSN found Julie (my support worker) because we have an excellent dynamic. It’s very different to previous support workers I’ve had, I feel like she’s really working with me to reach my goals”

– Ingrid

38 - CPSN Client - Ingrid and mom.jpg
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CPSN Client

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Emily and Freya, Member Services 

07 - CPSN Staff - Emily and Freya.jpg

“When you've lived through it yourself, you just get it. When I became a parent, I noticed a gap in services for parents with disabilities and now I run the monthly parent support group. We understand the nuances and challenges better than anyone else, and that insight can make a world of difference.”

– Emily, Member Services

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We're for people, not profit

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Founded by parents

Founded in 1995 by parents of children with cerebral palsy, our mission is to give back to our community. 
We know great health outcomes don't just come from medical support - they come from social, emotional and community support as well.

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Join our community

As part of our commitment to the cerebral palsy community, we offer free services, regardless of whether you have an NDIS plan or not; including events, workshops, support groups, phone support (5 days a week) and personal development programs.

A small organisation means more attention on you

We don’t support more than 100 clients for a reason. You’ll get a dedicated manager, supported by a quality accredited team, some with lived experience who understand what you’re going through . As a client of CPSN you will feel welcome, listened to, understood and respected.

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I'd like to talk to the team to find out more

Our team would love to hear from you! They’ll take the time to work with you to understand your needs and navigate your options to get the support you need.
Give us a ring (03 9478 1001), drop us an email ( or simply fill out this form and we'll reach out to you. 

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What areas are you interested in?
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